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The Summer way of life at the winery

We had a lovely Christmas and start to the New Year here, hope you all did also!!

The attached picture is a glimpse into the summer way of life at the winery. There is a bevy of knees showing, with some of these knees needing a bit of colour? These were all taken on the same day and everybody in the winery was in shorts preparing for the upcoming summer. This week everyday has been over 40 degrees Celsius so the staff understand the need to drink lots of water to stay hydrated in such high temperatures. This is not to rub it in, because you guys may be a little on the colder side at this time of year and a little frosty because of the Ashes whitewash (may match the snow out your window) dished out to your cricket team! Vintage is due to begin at the end of January with Chardonnay being harvested first. Embrace the new year along with all the possibilities it can bring and remember to be enthusiastic!