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New Years Eve Visitors!

We had some lovely visitors from Yorkshire on New Years eve, and we would like to share their experience with you, as well as our appreciation for their wonderful comments, thanks Chris and Marilyn, we hope to see you again soon!

“Marilyn and I would like to say a huge thank you to Calum for taking the time to escort us around the winery on New Year’s Eve afternoon. It was one of the highlights of our Australia visit and made our trip just that little bit more memorable.

All the notes and photos that we took will come in handy for our lecture about the trip. Not only was the visit around the winery brilliant, but the wines were something very special too and completely unexpected. Thank you so much, but sadly none of them made it back to the UK.

We just felt that they should be enjoyed in the heat of the Australian outback. However, they did last us until the last day before flying home. There was some very special wine there and that was appreciated.

What did make it back home were the two sample glasses, thanks to Lynley’s careful packaging, and they will always remind us of a fantastic visit. Now that I’ve sorted through thousands of photos, I have attached most of the ones that we shot at the winery.

Thanks again for making our trip special.

Kindest regards Chris and Marilyn”

Just like Chris and Marilyn you too are more than welcome to come and visit us at the winery, so what are you waiting for!!