From the Vineyard

Monday, 25th January 2016

Harvest for the 2016 vintage is looking great!

We are gearing ourselves up for another vintage. The staff are well rested after Christmas and are preparing the equipment for the next 3 months of hard work

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Friday, 4th December 2015

Faustine out collecting samples

Our winery staff are always busy obtaining samples especially for the UK market.

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Thursday, 22nd October 2015

Andrew Peace Wins The Victorian Regional Exporter of the Year Award!

Wednesday 30th of September at Government House the Governor of Victoria, the honourable Linda Dessau AM presented the award to Calum Peace from Andrew Peace Wines

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Friday, 28th August 2015

This winter a new variety is planted; Zwiegelt!

It's winter time at the winery so the place is in hibernation mode, however there is always something going on!

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Wednesday, 5th March 2014

New Years Eve Visitors!

We had some lovely visitors from Yorkshire on New Years eve, and we would like to share their experience with you,

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Thursday, 13th February 2014

It's Vintage Time Again!

It's vintage time again, it only comes around once a year and another one has begun with anticipation of what will be.

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Tuesday, 14th January 2014

The Summer Way of Life at the Winery!

We had a lovely Christmas and start to the New Year here, hope you all did also!!

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Wednesday, 11th December 2013

Maintenance and final touches before Christmas!

At this time of year there is no rest for our maintenance department who are continually busy,

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Wednesday, 6th November 2013

The next vintage begins to flourish

We are at the "sit and wait" stage in the vineyard, while the vines begin to grow and flourish.

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Monday, 21st October 2013

Matt and Kendle celebrate their wedding at the winery!

We have just helped Matt and Kendle celebrate the happiest day of their lives! They got married in Tooleybuc, straight across the river and had their wedding reception at the winery on the lawn.

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Friday, 20th September 2013

Thelma and Louise drop in to visit the winery!

As you know being 400 Kilometers from Melbourne we get a variety of visitors calling into the Cellar Door. We got some interesting travelers this week;

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Tuesday, 20th August 2013

The Swan Hill vintage & Classic Vehicle Club Celebrates it's 40 years with Andrew Peace Winery!!

Andrew Peace winery had some silver ladies drop by for a visit in July. They may be familiar to some..... The Swan Hill Vintage & Classic Vehicle Club!!

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Monday, 8th July 2013

Summer time at Andrew Peace Winery

In the middle of June as you can see we had the moon brightly illuminating the night, as it was the closest it has been to the earth for many years.

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Thursday, 6th June 2013

2013 Wines in blend

Another vintage over, but the hard work still continues in getting ready for this years and making it even better than the last.

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Wednesday, 8th May 2013

Time to fish!

Well vintage has finished and some people have gone fishing while others are just enjoying not working 6 days a week for 12 hour shifts!

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Monday, 16th July 2012

It's a cold winter

It's winter here so the vineyard jobs are pruning, pruning, and more pruning.

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Thursday, 21st June 2012

Time for a game of bowls

Now that another vintage is over, all the hard working staff gathered at the club to enjoy a roast dinner, some drinks, and a game of bowls.

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Thursday, 3rd May 2012

The end of our 2012 vintage

All our 2012 grapes have now been harvested and we have crushed just under 25ooo tonnes, which was more than last year.

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Wednesday, 11th April 2012

Open 24 hours a day

We always tell people that the winery is open 24 hours a day, and this time we can prove it.

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Monday, 12th March 2012

Vintage 2012

We had a great start to our 2012 vintage this February. The weather was on our side and everything was going smoothly, but we almost spoke too soon...

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