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Live fire expert, Genevieve Taylor, lets us in on the secrets to the perfect barbie 

Genevieve Taylor, the best-selling cookbook author, lets us in on her the rules to follow for making excellent food on the BBQ. 

 – Your fuel matters, consider it your first ingredient. I always shun chemically laden imported charcoal in favour of British sustainably made lump wood fuel. It’s a pure product that allows your food to shine. That thing we think we know about waiting for our fuel to be ‘white and ashed over’ before we can cook on it? Very much not true if you charcoal is pure – you can get cooking after just a few minutes. 

 – A lid on your barbecue is really helpful for trapping in convection current and making the cooking much more efficient – after all you wouldn’t dream of trying to cook something in your oven inside whilst leave the door wide open. 

 – Always add salt to your marinades, it’s a magical little ingredient that boosts flavours – so your meat tastes ‘meatier’ and your grilled tomatoes more ’tomatoey’ – and it is also great at keeping meat juicy, loosening the bonds between the meat fibres so when they hit the grill they can’t contract up and squeeze out moisture. 

Genevieve will be revealing the recipe for her Lemony Pork Kebabs with a Feta & Red Pepper Sauce with Andrew Peace’s wine pairing recommendation soon – stay tuned so you don’t miss out.