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We're dead easy to find. Just head north out of Swan Hill for about 40km on the Murray Valley Highway. You'll find us on the left hand side just before Piangil. We're about 400km from Melbourne and 500km from Adelaide.

Why not drop me an email if you're planning on being in the area? Let me know when you'll be here and I'll do my best to be around to say hello. If I can't be there you'll still be able to have a look around the vineyards and winery and maybe enjoy a glass or two in the sunshine.


About the Winery
This is where all the hard yakka takes place. Once the grapes have been harvested they come here to be crushed, fermented and maturated.

Planned Winery Expansion

We are constantly growing and here we have a big expansion planned with more tanks, a new crushing pit and a new press. This is in response to you guys drinking and demanding more and we are, of course, happy to oblige!

Danger crocodiles!

Snap snap!

Cellar door

Anyone is welcome to come and visit us at the winery. You can buy – and maybe even taste – our wines at the cellar door. Come and say g'day!

Grape trucks

The trucks pick up the large grape bins full to the brim with beautiful grapes and take them to the winery for crushing.

Fish farm

We also have a fish farm where we have Murray cod and silver perch. Both fish are found in the Murray-Darling river system in Australia and Murray cod is the largest exclusively freshwater fish in the country, and one of the largest in the world. They taste alright too!

River pump

This pump supplies the fish farm and the Kentish Vineyard with water from the Murray.


The weighbridge is used to get an accurate measurement of the grapes when they arrive for crushing. Equally we then weigh the trucks when they take the finished product away.

Pam & Jim's

This is where Andrew's parents live. Without Jim seeing the vineyards back in 1980, the winery would have been nothing but a dream.

Andrew Peace Wines
Andrew Peace Wines Estate
Pizza oven and BBQ

We Peaces love entertaining and having big family meals. We have 20 people for dinner most Friday nights so firing up the pizza oven or BBQ is a great way to feed the masses!

Andrew Peace Wines,
4077 Murray Valley Highway,
Piangil, Victoria 3597, Australia.
Ph +61350305291 Fax +61350305605

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