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Andrew Peace

Job title: The Boss!
Favourite wine: Mighty Murray Red
Favourite food: Mum's Roast

This place is my life. I've loved it since we first moved here over 25 years ago. My wife Cathryn and I couldn't have found a better place to bring up our children. It's great to have my old man, mum and the rest of the family around us too. I'm committed to work, so I don't get much down time. There's always stuff to do and as the business gets bigger I have to be more committed. But when I do get a break I enjoy water skiing, camping, snow skiing, exercise, healthy eating and spending time with my kids. I can always find time for a few glasses of my red though. Well, I can class that as work if I need an excuse. I hate traffic, queues and Brussel Sprouts! Doesn't everybody?

Cathryn Peace

Job title: Export Manager
Favourite wine: Semillon Chardonnay
Favourite food: Mediterranean flavours, using lots of vegetables and herbs that I pick from my garden

My best friend and husband is Andrew, the main man in this business. We have four children together and all live at the winery within the vines. The winery is as much my 'baby' as it is Andrew's. The best thing about working here is getting orders of wine and hearing when our customers have really enjoyed their drink. Working here is a pleasure apart from a few late nights once in a while. Living at the vineyard is stunning in all seasons. In the spring we see the vines budburst with a carpet of green and autumn is beautiful when the colours of vines change. Being with my family and friends is very important which is why I love to cook and entertain making sure our wine is enjoyed by all. Australia is so diverse that I don't have a favourite place. I love the beach, snow, desert and much more. My favourite holiday place is Dinner Plain or snow skiing which is also my favourite sport.

Jim Peace

Job title: Head of the family
Favourite wine: Non-alcoholic grape juice
Favourite food: Chicken Cacciatore

I've been married to Pam for 56 years and we have 4 kids. I started the business way back and I've seen it grow and grow. The funny thing is I'm tee-total - I've never touched a drop. I think the best thing about this business is that you get to meet lots of people. The worst thing is not having enough time in the day. I like listening to John Denver and I love to swim and read John Grisham (but not at the same time!). It would be nice to holiday in Spain or in Noosa on the east coast. If I could afford the time I'd like to do much more travelling. My favourite time on the vineyard is harvest - that's when all the action happens!

Pam Peace

Job title: The Mother and the Ma Ma to the Peace Family
Favourite wine: Masterpeace Gold Reserve Chardonnay
Favourite food: Indian

I'm the mother and the Ma Ma to the rest of the family. I spend my time minding the grandchildren so the younger ones are free to work. The best thing about AP Wines is having all the family working here, especially my son, Andrew, but he works so hard we don't see enough of him. My favourite sport is bowls and I like country and western music, patchwork and ballroom dancing. I love Noosa for holidays, but my favourite place in Australia would be Kakadu in the Northern Territory. Being on the vineyard at bud burst is special, I really like spring time. If I could do anything in the world I'd go somewhere luxurious and have a relaxing body massage. That would be so nice. Moving here all those years ago really was a challenge, but I don't regret a single thing.

Calum Peace

Job title: APW Broad-acre operations manager and assistant vineyard manager
Favourite wine: 2006 Estate Chardonnay
Favourite food: Anything my mother cooks.

I support the Brisbane Lions and I really like to travel the Northern Territory. I have two dogs, Fred and Lil. If time and money were no object I would still work at Andrew Peace Wines - the best place on earth - but I would just buy a big boat!

Adam Gilbee

Job title: IT Manager
Favourite wine: Mighty Murray Red
Favourite food: Anything but celery

I've been married to Andrew's sister, Amanda for 16 years now. We have 4 fantastic girls, Alice, Laura, Emma and our baby Louise. We also have a Labrador called Ben. I've been at AP Wines for 10 years. It's a good place to work, although I'm not keen on filling in all the survey forms. The free wine is compensation though. I'm into tennis, camping, reading and jazz music. I like to read historical novels when I have spare time. But with 4 girls there isn't much of that. My favourite Ozzie holiday place is Adelaide in South Australia, although there's nowhere better than home.

George Dajczer

Job title: Domestic Sales Manager
Favourite wine: Masterpeace Gold Reserve Cabernet Shiraz
Favourite food: Chicken Cacciatore

I've been married for 25 years and I live in Piangil. I've got 3 kids - one married and two teenagers. I've been here for 7 years and I'm into the 8th vintage. Why do I like it? Well it's family, so that's always good. The best thing about it is the variety, and the worst thing is the long hours during vintage time, but that's just a part of it. My favourite time at the vineyard would have to be harvest time because of the changing of the colours. I don't really have much time but I like working around the garden or trying to create a garden. I like the West and North coast of NSW - it's very nice and tropical. I haven't been to many places in Australia but I'd like to go to the Northern Territory. If I could do anything in the world, no restriction, I suppose I'd do something adventurous, like climb Mount Everest and be able to get up and down without any problem.

Julie Sanders

Job title: Administration Assistant
Favourite wine: Masterpeace Chardonnay
Favourite food: Salmon

I have 3 boys, all in their twenties and a Labrador called Max - they keep me busy. I've worked at AP Wines for 5 years. It's a challenge, always learning and I really like the people. Worst time is the vintage, it's so busy and pressured but I love Spring when everything starts shooting. It's beautiful. My star sign is Libra (apparently that makes me well balanced and charming) and my favourite book is Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck.

Nicole Steer

Job title: Production Manager
Favourite wine: Masterpeace Shiraz
Favourite food: Chocolate (unfortunately)

Married for 15 years, I live in Piangil with my 2 kids, John and Simone. I've been at AP Wines for 18 months - it's challenging, interesting and fun. The best thing is the people. They're such characters. I really enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing tennis and walking the dog. My Labrador cross is called Chloe. I like to travel up to Queensland when I can. I'm into modern music with a bit of country thrown in. I'd love to spend time lying around on a tropical island with my family. I think my favourite film is Titanic and I like to support St Kilda Saints.

Nina Viergutz

Job title: Senior Winemaker
Favourite wine: Mighty Murray Rose
Favourite food: Thai

I have been at AP for 10 years and yes I like it. The good thing about being here is the people, it's a real family atmosphere and the worst thing is the amount of hours we do at peak times. I like any music as long as it isn't country and western. I love to read thrillers and I'm into cookbooks! My favourite footy team would be West Coast Eagles but I prefer soccer over football. I'd like to be anywhere in Australia as long as there is a nice beach!

Robert Forster

Job title: Manage the maintenance department and the fish farm
Favourite wine: Cabernet Merlot
Favourite food: Seafood

I follow the local football side Tooley/Manang Saints and in the AFL the Essendon Bombers. My favourite part of Australia is the East coast of Australia. I have a Beagle dog named Chad. Travelling Europe with my family would be the ultimate getaway.

Anthony Fedele

Job title: Over the years Andrew has worked me hard so now I do as little as possible!
Favourite wine: Anything with Merlot but it's all good.
Favourite food: Being Italian, pasta of course but I must say I love my Sunday roast.

In the footy I follow Carlton but I like motor racing and it's Ford in the V8 super cars. I would have to say Adelaide is my favourite place - it has everything, it's so laid back, nothing is a rush and for a city it's easy to get around. I have a German Shepherd dog called Apollo. If time and money was no problem I would travel around the world and see all the world icons with my wife Pam and my 2 boys, Daniel and Jake and my little girl Bella.

Meagan Calder

Job title: I run our laboratory.
Favourite wine: Peace In My Soul wins hands down!
Favourite food: A good curry. Nom nom!

In sport, I follow Richmond. My favourite holiday destination would be anywhere warm and sunny - like Noumea! I have a dog called Echo and a turtle called Greg and if time and money were no object, I would like to settle here with my partner and renovate our house - and start up my own dog adoption programme too.

Subra Challa

Job title: Company Accountant
Favourite wine: Shiraz
Favourite food: Vegetarian Asian (hot and spicy)

I follow the Australian cricket team. My favourite holiday destinations are Singapore & Dubai. If money and time were no problem I would go to a fantastic holiday destination with family and friends and enjoy sightseeing, food & drink - most probably in Dubai or Singapore.

Lyn Gilbee

Job title: Reception, cellar door, mailing wine samples
Favourite wine: Winemakers Choice Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon
Favourite food: Pasta and salads

I follow St Kilda - The Saints in the AFL. My favourite holiday destination is Glenelg in South Australia. I have a Jack Russell called Charlie, a black lab called Bonnie and a cat called Jesse. I would love to take a luxury Winnebago with a small 4WDrive towed behind (to save parking the big van in towns when shopping) and travel around Australia with my husband Rick. No time limit. Our children and grandchildren can come and stay for visits.

Geoff Parsons

Job title: Export Marketing
Favourite wine: Winemakers Choice Barossa Shiraz
Favourite food: Slow roasted beef

I support AFL Western Bulldogs. My favourite holiday destination is the Sunshine Coast. I have a pet Boxer dog called Gemma. If time and money were no object I would take a motor-home holiday touring Canada (East) and then the UK.

Rodney Duffy

Job title: Grower Liaison - Viticulture
Favourite wine: I haven't really got a favourite - it depends on the season and the moment but to accompany my favourite meal of rack of lamb, you can't go wrong with Shiraz.
Favourite food: Rack of lamb

If time and money were no object I would spend lots of time fishing in remote areas.

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